Who we are

GenderCC Southern Africa – Women for Climate Justice

GenderCC SA – Women for Climate Justice is a non-governmental organisation registered in South Africa in 2010 that is working with women, gender activists, civil society organisations, and gender experts from the Southern African region working for women’s rights, Gender Equality and climate justice. GenderCC SA is part of the GenderCC-International, a network serviced by the organisation of the same name, a not-for-profit charitable organisation based in Berlin, Germany. GenderCC SA has evolved in the context of the global climate change process but its activities, connections and learnings include women and gender experts at all levels (local, provincial, national,  regional,  and International ), as well as in policy, research and practical implementation.

GenderCC SA has been working on different projects that focuses on Climate Change and environmental sustainability in rural communities in all the nine provinces of South Africa as well as the peri-urban and urban parts of the Gauteng Province of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The organisation contributed extensively to the South African National Climate Change Response Policy in 2010 where it partnered with various gender and environmental organisations to integrate gender in the Policy Framework.

GenderCC SA’ s  work involves working with grassroots women,  small scale-farmers to roll out climate change mitigation and adaptation  strategies and gender Just Climate Solutions by focusing on alternative energy sources in the form of biogas digesters that uses cow dung and organic waste, the use of Solar PV, water conservation methods, sustainable farming methods, food and herb processing to enhance the livelihoods of communities whilst addressing the water, energy, and food security crisis for most households living in poverty.

Furthermore, documentation of women’s experiences and lessons learnt and capacity building projects on adaptation, climate change and gender justice, agriculture, water, housing, fisheries and related livelihood issues, has been critical in order to feed into the process of developing adaptation policies and strategies for local, provincial and national governments.

The organisation believes that in order to achieve women’s rights, gender justice and climate justice, fundamental changes, are necessary to overcome the existing systems change.

Mission: GenderCC SA will build a platform for an informed and resilient movement of Southern African women, which empowers them to understand, make decisions and influence policy and practice regarding climate change, for the benefit of the broader society.

GenderCC-SA’s goals are:

  • To promote equality of women and men in regional and national environmental policies, particularly with regard to climate change and to sustainable development;
  • To promote regional, national and local collaboration and exchange, as well as the promotion of development cooperation in the areas of climate policies, sustainable use of energy, the conservation of forests and equality;
  • To inform the public about climate change, as well as the scope of actions to actively conserve the global climate and protect the environment;
  • To inform the public about equity aspects of climate change, concerning the relation between industrialised and developing countries, and within the Southern African countries between men and women.

GenderCC-SA fulfils these goals particularly by:

  • Collecting and distributing information about the causes and consequences of climate change and climate policies as well as the impact on women and men;
  • Promoting the participation of women in environmental and climate planning and politics;
  • Distributing information and education on climate change at local, provincial, national, regional and International  levels;
  • Providing expertise, drafting reports and disseminating the conclusions of climate change research and studies;
  • Collaborating and exchanging experiences with organisations pursuing similar goals;
  • Executing and supporting practical projects with regard to the conservation of climate and natural resources in Southern Africa;
  • Executing educational and capacity building events in Southern Africa about climate change and climate policies, as well as the involvement of women in these measures;
  • Planning, coordinating and executing actions with the aim of influencing public opinion, politics, legislation and administration.

 GenderCCSA’s programmes and projects are supported by  international organisations such as the  German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), Oxfam GB, The Heinrich Boll Foundation, Un- Women,   The European Union Commission in South Africa, The Norwegian Church AID, as well as  local.

Community organisations, cooperatives, women’s groups, small-scale farmers and local women champions at the grassroots level and communities to coordinate and implement projects in South Africa and the Southern African Region on issues of climate change, energy and food security.

Women and Climate Change Technology

GenderCC believes that technological developments related to climate change should take in to account women’s specific priorities and needs and make full use of their knowledge and expertise including traditional practices