National & local activities

GenderCC’s members actively engage in various activities and projects in a variety of contexts, including at national and local level.

This section seeks to highlight a number of different activities concerning the integration of women’s perspectives and gender aspects into climate change mitigation and adaptation policies on the national level.

Gender and climate change: working towards gender-sensitive national climate policy

The publication “Gender and climate change: working towards gender-sensitive national climate policy”, presents seven case studies of women advocating for and analysing gendered responses to climate change at a national level.

These analyses are largely through observations of existing national climate change action plans and grassroots movements in Kenya, Bangladesh, the Pacific Islands, India, Pakistan, and South Africa.

The publication should serve as a tool for policy makers, researchers, and activists when incorporating, or working towards the incorporation of, gender-sensitivity in national climate policy.

You can download the PDF (2.7 MB) here.

Women and Climate Change Technology

GenderCC believes that technological developments related to climate change should take in to account women’s specific priorities and needs and make full use of their knowledge and expertise including traditional practices